New Branson attraction lets tourists hunt Bigfoot

The Bigfoot Discovery Expedition allows the public to undertake their own hunt for Bigfoot, visiting the Bigfoot Farms outside Branson. While enjoying the beauty of the Ozark Mountains, people will keep a constant vigil for the elusive Sasquatch.Globe |Rebecca Haines

One of Branson’s newest attractions allows believers of all ages to experience the thrills of hunting for the mysterious legend. 

Bigfoot on the Strip, 3608 W. Highway 76, will offer a variety of games and excursions as well as two kinds of rides that will shoot courageous hearts 200 feet into the air — now the highest point in Branson.

The $10 million project has been under construction for a year,and is the fifth attraction brought to Branson by the partner group Darrell Henley, Hamilton and Matt Cook. The group’s other projects include: Branson Zipline Canopy Tours, Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline and Balloon, and Fast Shot Shooting Gallery.

On 21/2 acres along Highway 76, Bigfoot on the Strip is stationed inside a 10,000-square-foot building, called the Bigfoot Action Tower. It holds two attractions: an 18-hole miniature golf course and a three-level kids maze.

Also, the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition will take 28 willing hunters north of town to find Bigfoot in an open, off-road vehicle. While on the hourlong adventure, participants are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the Ozarks, see Scottish Highland cattle and a rare chance to spy the legendary Bigfoot.

As visitors check in, they may venture to the state-of-the-art arcade or Bigfoot’s 8Di Leadslinger Cinema, where gamers will strap on an arcade shotgun and ride through the wilderness hunting Bigfoot.

The games and Bigfoot’s Adventure Maze are handicapped accessible and provide unique challenges for kids of all ages. Hamilton said there’s something for everyone, including a light show on the grounds and food trucks.

The main attraction is the tallest point in Branson, the top of Bigfoot Action Tower. It offers the Gravity Bomb, where eight people are buckled in and raised 200 feet in the air. The claw at the top releases, and riders free fall until they’re 70 feet above the ground.

The ride uses a full earth magnet system that creates a charge that slows the riders down to the ground.

The other side is the Saddle Sling, where two riders fly into the air smoothly, then come down end-over-end to the ground.

Bigfoot on the Strip also offers party rooms where kids won’t be the only customers. Hamilton said many corporate groups are often looking for a fun location for meetings.

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