Two hundred-plus people turned out to cheer on a collection of bands comprising the first of four summer concerts that took place last month at Joplin’s Wilder’s Event Center.

Doug and Andrea Dicharry, who created the summer concert series, said it brought to life the popularity and prominence that once surrounded the Bypass, the much beloved outdoor patio venue that was home to decades of live, original music.

“The feedback from the first show was incredible,” Andrea said. “People said there was such a positive family vibe, and they were very excited to visit Joplin again. It was so great to hear, and we hope more people will visit Joplin for these shows. We expect June to be even bigger.”

Three bands will be playing live for five hours during Saturday night’s concert, which kicks off at 6 p.m. at Joplin’s “most famous patio.”

• The Creek Rocks, of Springfield, will bring their wide assortment of Ozark folk music to Joplin, Andrea said. “They will be the big finale of the night. “The band was originally Mark Bilyeu and Cindy Woolf, husband and wife extraordinaire — Cindy made a name for herself as a solo musicians and Mark ... the founding member of the well-known band Big Smith.” The two, along with Jay and Mike Williamson, “have a wonderful, old-time Ozark Mountain music vibe. You can’t watch one of their shows without dancing.”

• The Whispering Willows, comprised of Alaina Romine and Dylan Hawf, play a “rolling-hills” style of country music; they are well-known in their native Eureka Springs, Arkansas. “He’s insanely talented on anything with strings,” Andrea said, “and her voice is just heavenly.”

• Jeremiah Jones and The RiverBand, of Carthage, are “all individually well-seasoned and extremely talented artists, and when they come together, they have a seamless chemistry that produces a wonderful, soulful sound,” Andrea said. The band consists of Jeremiah Jones, Craig Jones, Tony Ladue and Larry Chapin.

Musician/pianist Taylor Jones, who will entertain in-between the musical acts, will be located on the top tier of the patio “so people down below can enjoy the music without going indoors,” Andrea said.

Tickets are $15; the event is open for ages 21 and older.


On the calendar

Upcoming 2019 Wilder’s Summer Concert Series events are:

• Saturday, July 27, featuring Brick Fields, Annie and the Fur Trappers and The Bell Airs.

• Saturday, Aug. 31, featuring Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, ClusterPluck and The 1oz Jig.