Today it is summer

Tomorrow will be fall.

I see the purple asters,

I hear the autumn’s call.

I feel the warm sun shining

As a balmy south wind blows;

I see more flowers blooming,

And I see the grass still grows.

The goldenrod is waving,

The bees are in the clover.

I hear a distant honking—

The geese are flying over.

The maple leaves are golden;

The pumpkins, round and yellow.

The apple cheeks are rosy,

The pears are getting mellow.

The nuts are growing rounder,

The cornstalks, brown and sear.

By twenty lovely tokens

I know that fall is near.

Today it still is summer,

Tomorrow will be fall.

Today I am barefoot –

Oh, how I love it all!

— Nona Keen Duffy

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