In “Give Heaven Some Hell” by Hardy, the artist tackles the emotion of losing a loved one — presumably a friend — by listing all of the things he hopes that loved one is doing in heaven and reminiscing about their days together on Earth.

For the good old-fashioned country boy, it really hits home. It tugs on the heartstrings, if you will.

One line Hardy uses to talk to his lost loved one is: “I hope your mansion in the sky’s got a 10-acre field”.

In the second line of the chorus, he’s hooked the country boy in me. I’m already picturing what a 10-acre field in heaven looks like, and then I’m agreeing. I’d certainly hope my buddy’s mansion in heaven has a 10-acre field as well.

By the end of the chorus, Hardy is tugging on my heartstrings. He goes on to say: “Crank it loud, hold it down ‘til I get there. And when I do, I hope you got some new stories to tell. ’Til then, give heaven some hell.”

The imagery in these lyrics is amazing. Hardy wants you to relate to this music. The entire song paints a picture in your mind as you’re listening along. Each time I hear this song, I just sit and think and picture in my head the things that my buddies would be doing in heaven as they “hold it down ’til I get there.”

The music video multiplies that imagery by a thousand. As you watch the video, you see Hardy and his friends in a church talking and laughing, and then you see the video cut to what is being used as a “flashback” of what the friends are talking about.

As you watch them reminisce about their favorite times with a beloved friend, you can’t help but start to do the same about you and your own friends.

For me, I’ve got countless memories — memories that will last a lifetime and friends I hope to continue to make memories with as we grow older.

You certainly don’t just think about losing a friend every day. But when this song comes on, if you’re like me, you do. That doesn’t mean you’re being negative, though — you’re just thinking about all of those moments you’ve had together and just how great your friendships have been.

You probably get a little sad as you let your memory take you back in time. I know I do. You let it take you back to high school, to college, to that one summer, to last week or last month, maybe even yesterday. You let it take you back to that fishing hole, to your childhood home, to the hunting blind, to the bowling alley, to the ball fields and everywhere in between.

No one actually wants to sit and think of a friend or family member passing away. The negativity that comes with a thought like that isn’t good. But “Give Heaven Some Hell” gives us the chance to get emotional and really let it all out without having those negative thoughts. The imagery inside the words that Hardy is singing really allows us to sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days, and while we may be sad, we’re thinking happy thoughts about the ones we love.

It’s inevitable that one day we will all be in that church laughing about all the goofy things we did with our friend who’s now in a better place, and crying because we miss them. But we hope that day is 50, 60 or 70 years down the road.

Because right now we have more memories to make.

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