Looking at predicted design trends in 2020, it is a century throwback to the days of art deco. Trends highlight modern craftsmanship, soft lines, curves and arches, rich textures, patterns, pops of color and geometric patterns. However, there is also a push for individuality and uniqueness, so it’s really anything goes!

Furniture and décor will be made with natural materials and be imperfect. You’ll see more cane, jute, rattan, ceramic, stone and metal. Natural ceramic mugs or vases will have imperfections and be (or at least look) handmade. Items will be round in nature and really feel soft, inviting and grounding.

Colors will be a mix of natural earth tones and bold, dark, rich shades. Think midnight blue cabinets in the kitchen with a natural wood island. Or to add a pop of brighter blue, think classic blue built-ins against a desert fortress or creamy mushroom wall.

You might be getting the feeling, but in case you missed it — naturals will be taking over. Look for earth tones, products of natural materials and green houseplants. There is really a growing influence of organic feeling.

To help that, get ready for countryside chic. Farmhouse chic has been all the rage, but think less shiplap and more British farmhouse but not stuffy or dusty. It’s a mix of patterns, antiques and new touches. Again, don’t forget to add in the botanicals to complete the look. It really feels like a nostalgic design trend.

To counter all the neutrals and handmade items, you’ll see more color on ceilings with paint or wallpaper. Bold, rich patterns of wallpaper will be popular. Pattern on pattern on pattern will be trending. The best place to try all the fun new peel-and-stick wallpaper patterns is in your powder room — not a bathroom with steam from the shower. However, the small powder room lets you go wild in a small space, and the peel-and-stick wallpaper lets you easily change the décor when you are ready for something new.

Furniture will start to look more art deco with bold colors and round design. Think a dark green velvet, mid-century modern couch with rounded seating and small, wood legs. Again, it seems as if nostalgia is taking over design.

The design goal is for the home to feel lived-in and unique. Homes will stress the personality of the owner without abandon. I think most homes accomplish this every day. I can’t wait to see which predictions come true and if any trends take over our area!

VALERIE SEARCY is chief executive officer of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Missouri.

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