If you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to make some updates, there are some easy and small ways to make an impact.

It’s crazy to think that handles or kitchen hardware can make such a big difference, but they really can. If you go from a common pull or handle to one of a different color, more decorative or more modern look, it can completely change your kitchen. Have some fun, and switch out cabinet handles and outlet and light switch plates as well. Match your light switch plates to the wall color or add a little fun pattern to make a small statement in any room.

While we’re talking kitchen, another way to make a big impact is to install a new backsplash. This is such an easy way to give a kitchen an updated look. You can add a pop of color, an interesting pattern or step up the elegance with a new backsplash. There are so many options and fun variations you can try that you’ll want to take your time and visit our local stores to see all they have to offer.

Probably the easiest thing you can do is to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. A new faucet can be fun, modern or fancy and totally change the bathroom. This is definitely one you can do yourself — even I have switched out a faucet. Plus, if you wash dishes, why not wash them with a faucet you love.

Take your walls up a notch by painting new colors — but stick to neutrals. Lighter and brighter colors really do change the entire look of the room. The neutral colors also allow you to play with furniture and accessories. You can also experiment with wallpaper on a statement wall to add that fun pop of color or pattern to a room.

Swap out your lighting — both fixtures and bulbs. Decorative lights are stunning and will add a wow factor, but make sure the light itself isn’t harsh. Lighting can set a mood, so try out different bulbs to see what works best in each room.

Another option that will spice up a room are to add decorative mirrors to make a room look bigger. You can also build a headboard for any bedroom. This gives the room a more put-together look and can easily add character. Add one or two funky pieces to each room too. This can be furniture, art or wall décor that shows off your personality.

Some options that will require a little more work are to repaint your kitchen cabinets and to add crown molding.

You can also upgrade the curb appeal of your home by painting the front door and/or adding landscaping.

Before you start any home improvement project, no matter the size, do your research and make sure you have the time. Even something small such as switching out a light fixture could turn into a bigger project.

Visit our website, hbabuilders.com, for a full list of great vendors and stores in our community that can help you get your home to new level of awesome.

Valerie Searcy is chief executive officer of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Missouri.

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