Joplin-based CFI is expanding operations along the Mexican border.

In a statement Friday, the trucking company said CFI Logistics, which is an affiliated company, and CFI Mexico are expanding in Laredo, Texas. The site will serve as a sales, operations and administrative center. The location will be a shared site with CFI Mexico, a less-than-truckload network operating in Mexico and cross-border, and composed of CFI Logistica and CFI de Mexico, headquartered in the Guadalajara World Trade Center.

CFI has 12 sites throughout Mexico providing both in-country and cross-border logistics and freight transportation services. These include truckload and less-than-truckload services, truckload and intermodal freight brokerage, warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and supply chain planning and engineering.

Greg Orr, president of CFI, said in a statement: “A majority of our customers have investments in business operations in the U.S. and Mexico, and they’re growing. With our current and projected growth, and that of our customers seeking more services, it made sense to establish one convenient, central office for our principal U.S. and Mexico logistics management and operations teams to optimize communications, operations planning and customer service."

Currently, CFI Mexico and CFI Logistics employ close to 200 people; CFI employs more than 2,000 people across North America, about 600 of them in the Joplin area.

In 2020, CFI Mexico handled more than 90,000 cross-border shipments with Mexico with an additional 19,500 less-than-truckload shipments within Mexico, serving some of North America’s largest commercial, industrial, manufacturing and retail businesses.

CFI is a wholly owned operating company of TFI International Inc., which operates in the United States, Canada and Mexico through subsidiaries. CFI operates more than 2,150 trucks and 7,300 trailers.

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