A list of 150 activities that could be scheduled as part of the celebration of Joplin's 150th anniversary in 2023 is being developed by the Joplin Celebration Commission.

The commission, in a meeting Tuesday, also discussed finalizing logo designs that could be used to promote commission activities or endorsement of community events. The commission will likely have medals or coins cast using the logos that would be sold to finance a commemorative project.

One logo depicts a miner's hat encircled by a pick and shovel with the words "Celebrate Joplin Sesquicentennial."

Another depicts the shapes of the state of Missouri and the United States, the emblem for Route 66, and Joplin's city flower, the iris, with the words "Celebrate Joplin." That logo symbolizes other anniversaries that the commission will help the city observe. Those are the Missouri bicentennial (200th anniversary) on Aug. 10, 2021; Joplin’s sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) on March 23, 2023; the U.S. sestercentennial (250th anniversary) on July 4, 2026; and the Route 66 centennial (100th anniversary) on Nov. 11, 2026.

In discussing lists of 150 things to do for the Joplin 150th anniversary, commission member Barbara Hogelin, who is a retired Joplin city clerk, said she is working on an event that would involve the iris flower. She said residents would be invited to make iris-shaped cookies and decorate them. She is looking into the possibility of having an iris-shaped cookie cutter made for the event.

Commission member Paula Callihan said she has been taking notice of landmarks or icons on buildings and other artifacts that could be used to conduct a scavenger hunt, especially one that could be done by car around the city.

Jill Sullivan, director of the Post Art Library, said representatives of the library and the Murphysburg Residential Historic District as well as the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau are discussing the production of a series of coloring books on different subjects such as 10 women who have made their mark in Joplin.

"The whole idea is that we have this one time to think about our community," said Brad Belk, community historian, of the events and activities that could be staged during Joplin's anniversary observance.


The Joplin Celebration Commission is recessed until Feb. 4 rather than trying to meet during the upcoming holiday season and winter weather.

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