The plan is to reopen Logan's Roadhouse and Old Chicago restaurants that have closed around the country and to rehire employees who were recently terminated, a company official said Thursday.

Both chains are owned by CraftWorks Holdings, with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. The company also owns Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, Big River Grille and Brewing Works, and several other brands.

"I'm very certain they are going to open up," spokesperson Josh Kern said of the two chains. The company has a Logan's Restaurant at 209 N. Range Line Road and an Old Chicago restaurant at 3320 N. Range Line Road.

CraftWorks filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 3, having previously closed about three dozen "underperforming" locations around the country.

"Almost three weeks later, COVID-19 hit," Kern said. "We just kind of shrink-wrapped the restaurants to preserve capital."

There are 261 restaurant locations under those brands around the country, although more than 70 of those are franchise locations that are not affected by the bankruptcy. The Joplin stores are company-owned.

As part of the bankruptcy, the parent company is negotiating all leases, Kern said.

"Our intent is we are not shuttering the chain," he said. "We are going to reopen."

He said Old Chicago could be the first of their chains to reopen nationwide, within 10 days to two weeks, offering delivery and curbside service.

He said they also plan to honor gift cards and hire back employees who were terminated. The company has anywhere from 60 to 75 employees per restaurant and about 18,500 employees companywide.

Kern also said because of different rules in the states where it operates, it was easier for employees to collect unemployment if they were terminated rather than furloughed.

In a statement at the time of the bankruptcy filing, CEO Hazem Ouf said: "Our goal is for CraftWorks Holdings to emerge with a strengthened balance sheet and a further optimized real estate portfolio that will allow us to execute on our growth strategy, compete more effectively in the casual dining environment in areas in which we have a proven track record of success."

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