Taxpayers in Jasper County can now access their real estate and personal property tax bills online by name rather than using a tax identification number on the bills.

Jasper County tax bills were mailed Monday and Newton County bills this past Friday, collectors in the counties said.

Tax ID codes are still necessary in Newton County to access their tax accounts, said Collector Jim Otey. “The change we have made is they can now print a receipt online” within hours after paying tax bills.

In the past, the collector’s office waited on the payment to clear the bank before issuing a receipt. That was updated to allow receipts to be printed as soon as the website updates at midnight each weekday, Otey said.

“As long as they have a tax ID number (that appears on the bill), they can print a receipt soon after they make the payment or at any point during the year if they have lost their receipt and need one for the license bureau” to renew license plates, Otey said.

But Jasper County taxpayers no longer have to have that identification number on their statement to pay.

“They can search by name and find out what their tax bill is,” said Collector Steve McIntosh.”That enhances their ability to pay online if they want to and know what their amount is. They don’t have to call us. They can go online and find it.”

Tax bills can be paid until Dec. 31 without being delinquent.

Traditional payment methods are still available such as mailing the payment or going to the collectors’ offices at county courthouses or the Joplin courts building.

McIntosh said he decided to provide that service because more people are paying bills online now.

He said there is a 2.4% fee for online payments.

Otey said that his office collects city taxes for 10 municipalities in the county and this year has added collections for Diamond and Wentworth.

He said there is an abbreviation on the county statements that signify what city has been billed and a number that represents the amount of the tax payment to that city.

On the web

Website addresses for the county collector offices are and

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