The following is a list of prefiled bills sponsored by members of the Missouri House of Representatives and Senate from the Joplin region. It does not include bills the legislators have co-sponsored.

Sen. Bill White, R-Joplin:

  • SB 42: Gives protections to health care providers from COVID-19 liability lawsuits under certain conditions.
  • SB 43: Requires health benefit plans to cover some services that are also covered for people receiving state health benefits.
  • SB 44: Changes the way water companies can bid for infrastructure improvements.
  • SB 120: Modifies several provisions for Missouri veterans, including "surviving spouse" definitions, Purple Star campuses and auto insurance.
  • SB 121: Changes details related to managed care organizations for the state's health insurance program.
  • SB 122: Changes details for releasing people committed of crimes who have been committed to the state for lack of mental fitness.
  • SB 171: Changes details about the fault of non-parties in tort actions.
  • SB 172: Adjusts penalties for violating natural gas safety standards to match federal guidelines.
  • SB 173: Changes details about how antipsychotic drugs are prescribed for patients in the state's health care program.
  • SB 211: Adjusts details about punitive damages against the state or its employees.
  • SB 212: Changes details about the state's department of corrections and parole board.
  • SB 213: Adjusts community service requirements for DWI offenders.
  • SB 233: Increases the salary that a coroner for a second-class county can be paid.
  • SB 234: Limits who can be appointed as a representative of an estate.
  • SB 235: Allows the sale of raw milk under certain conditions.
  • SB 258: Classifies members of the Missouri National Guard as state employees under certain conditions.

Rep. Dirk Deaton, R-Noel (Dist. 159)

  • HB 544: Designates a portion of Business Highway 71 in McDonald County as "Army PFC Christopher Lee Marion Memorial Highway."

Rep. Ben Baker, R-Neosho (Dist. 160)

  • HB 354: Increases the time a worker must work for a business before claiming unemployment benefits to 90 days.
  • HB 355: Creates new requirements for the state to inform prospective college students about costs. 
  • HB 357: Allows cottage food production within state boundaries.
  • HB 358: Prohibits the state from participating in a firearms buyback program.
  • HB 359: Allows concealed carry of firearms with a permit in churches. 
  • HB 361: Changes a tax credit for families who adopt special-needs children.
  • HB 515: Adds limitations to contributions or expenditures of public funds for advocating candidates or ballot measures.
  • HJR 21: Changes the requirements for signatures on initiative petitions.  

Rep. Lane Roberts, R-Joplin (Dist. 161)

  • HB 290: Creates the crime of retail theft and assigns sentencing.
  • HB 291: Changes the definition of making a false report to emergency service providers. 
  • HB 292: Changes the definition of stalking as it relates to adult abuse.
  • HB 293: Requires the state highway patrol to keep a list of people on parole for first- or second-degree murder.
  • HB 294: Removes conditions for issuing warrants for certain traffic offenses.
  • HB 295: Creates tuition reimbursements for peace officer training. 
  • HB 300: Removes requirements for warrants to be served under certain conditions.
  • HB 632: Adds details for end-of-life care homes. 
  • HB 633: Expands allowances for payment of property taxes.

Rep. Bob Bromley, R-Carl Junction (Dist. 162)

  • HB 313: Requires a victim's impact program for DWI offenders.
  • HB 578: Allows all vehicles a two-year registration option. 
  • HB 579: Allows three-year and permanent registration options for boats and outboard motors. 

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