The 5 Q's: Cavanaugh Studyvin details new Carl Junction chamber partnership

Cavanaugh Studyvin

Q: What is Excelerate America?

A: Excelerate America is a company that works with chambers and organizations nationwide on partner programs that offer a wide variety of services and products. With this partnership, we are able to offer our members discounts with companies like Quickbooks, Dell and Office Depot, to name a few. They also offer free educational on-demand courses on search engine optimization work, social media, email marketing and more.

Q: Why did the Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce partner with Excelerate America?

A: We partnered with Excelerate America because we felt that their mission aligned perfectly with ours — to build connections and focus on helping communities and small businesses prosper. They also have a national presence, and I knew that it would be so beneficial to our members.

Q: How will this partnership be beneficial to chamber members?

A: They are giving us an opportunity to create even more value to our membership. Excelerate America believes there is strength in numbers, so by equipping our small businesses with their resources and benefits, then they will excel and grow. This is an exciting partnership that I know our members will benefit from.

Q: What kind of impact do you hope this partnership will have?

A: Like I said, they have a national presence and there is great benefit from that. They have a team of experts in business, marketing, partner discount programs and education that create these resources that business owners and entrepreneurs need. They also work with chambers nationwide, so what one business needs in one area of the country may not be something that we would even think of.

They take feedback from chambers and business owners about different areas of business to create tools and resources for everyone to use. I love that they are constantly evolving and adapting alongside us, especially as our communities and businesses navigate these uncertain times. My No. 1 goal is to offer our members more opportunities, whether it be educational resources, discounts or engaging content that helps them be even more successful.

Q: Where did this partnership come from?

A: I actually found out about Excelerate America in November from a chamber professionals group that I am a part of. So many chamber executives said that they too partnered with them and raved about all the benefits they provide. This definitely caught my eye, and I knew that I had to learn more.

The executive director from a chamber in Oklahoma sent me over more information, along with her positive experience, and now here we are. We just launched this month — perfect for the start of the new year. The response has been amazing. Our members are all very excited about another opportunity that we can provide for them.

Cavanaugh Studyvin is the executive director of the Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

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