Q: What is the new Downtown Wine Walk in Webb City?

A: It’s a monthly event happening through the summer — May through August — that encourages people to come visit downtown Webb City and see everything it has to offer.

Different vendors and spaces can be involved. If you sign up to be a participating vendor, then you receive two bottles of wine, usually one red and one white, and you can pour samples for people the night of the Wine Walk. Anybody who registers and has their ID checked can receive those samples. It’s to get people into those spaces, whether it’s boutiques or candy shops. and you don’t even have to be selling anything necessarily; you could just be a space downtown that you want to bring people into.

The agencies involved in this year’s Wine Walk include Just A Taste, Otsana Co., Twisted Oak Boutique, Mary’s Market on Main, Maggie Jane’s Gifts & Home Décor, 110 Salon & Boutique, Spencer’s Sweet Call at the Minerva, Paint Chips, The Society Marketplace and Glitter Boutique. The whole event is being organized by the Webb City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Q: Why was the Wine Walk launched this year?

A: Members of the community were at the point of wanting to encourage people to get back out and re-engage with local businesses that they may have missed over the past year due to COVID-19.

Just A Taste, 105 S. Main St., is now fully open. My manager, Stefanie Thomasma, had the vision for this event and wanted to use our products and the resources that Just A Taste had available to try to serve the community and bring people together. She passed the baton on to me, and I’m honored to be able to participate.

Q: What types of opportunities do you feel like the Wine Walk will bring to the downtown area?

A: I think it will help people see Webb City as a destination rather than just a little town to drive through on your way to a bigger town. Webb City really has a unique selection of things to offer to the area, not just little towns around us like Joplin and Carthage, but bigger places like Northwest Arkansas, Kansas City and St. Louis. We really believe that what we have going on in Webb City is something unique and attractive to people from all around the Midwest.

Q: When is the Wine Walk taking place this year?

A: It’s scheduled from 4 to 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Those dates are June 15, July 20 and Aug. 17. It happens concurrently with Eat Street at the Webb City Farmers Market. We planned it to occur at the same time, so people can participate in Eat Street and take the trolley from the farmers market to downtown and back.

We have online registration on our website at justatastemo.com, and Just A Taste will be the location to register on the night of the event. We encourage people to register early because we are capping the event at 220 participants. We just have a limited number of bracelets available, but you can purchase a ticket the night of, if any are available.

Registration is $15. A lot of the boutiques are doing discounts and promotions that night, so even if wine isn’t your thing, we still encourage you to come out and experience the downtown life. We will have live music performed by Dance Monkey Dance.

Q: How successful was last month’s Wine Walk?

A: It was really successful. We really weren’t sure how it was going to go because the weather was kind of dicey that night. There had been storms off and on the whole week. But the turnout was amazing and really exceeded our expectations. I actually had to wheel a cart around with more bottles of wine to deliver to the boutiques because we were afraid of running out.

Sarah Chambers is a member of the Wine Walk Planning Committee, which is part of the Webb City Area Chamber of Commerce, and an employee at Just A Taste.

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