WEBB CITY, Mo. — Webb City and the city of Joplin will work together on a $25,000 milling and paving project to improve the intersection of Zora and Hall streets after public complaints of deterioration.

The decision to partner with Joplin on the project was approved during Webb City's council meeting Monday night. The cities will equally split the cost because the intersection extends into both city limits.

Over the years, large truck traffic from Highway 249 has greatly reduced the condition of the road. Webb City Mayor Lynn Ragsdale said the upgrade will only be a temporary solution because Zora Street will be rebuilt in the next few years as part of Joplin’s long-term plan to widen the street.

“This is temporary, and yes, it will be torn out when they do that eventual deal,” Ragsdale said.

Carl Francis, city administrator for Webb City, said Joplin won’t pursue the long-term portion of the project for another two to three years.

Frisco Trail lighting

In other business, the council agreed to sign an agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation to install lighting on Highway 171 at the crossing of the Frisco Trail. The light installation is part of a project with the city and MoDOT to construct a safety island on Highway 171 to protect Frisco Trail users when crossing the busy intersection. Francis said the cost should be minimal.

“Big directional streetlights will be placed east and west of the intersection,” Francis said. “We have a yearly contract with Empire Electric (now Liberty) for our streetlights, and this would just add additional ones to that. We’ll pay our yearly maintenance on the lights once they're installed."

He said the cost would probably be $100 to $200 per light per month.

Two lights will be erected once MoDOT has issued a permit. As part of the agreement, Webb City will pay for the installation and maintenance of the lights while MoDOT will construct the island, provide high-visibility paint and signs, as well as maintain the concrete curbs and markers. The island will look similar to the safety island on Zora Street at the Frisco Trail crossing in Joplin.

News reporter

Kimberly Barker is a news reporter for The Globe who covers Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, as well as Carl Junction and Webb City.