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We know picking a party spot is tough, so we’re going to highlight a popular birthday party location in each issue. Let us know where your favorite place to party is, and maybe we’ll feature it next time!

You’ve heard of therapy dogs, I’m sure. They help you when you are feeling sad or lonely. There are also therapy cats, whose soft purring can make sad tears disappear. But have you ever heard of a therapy donkey? 

There’s a five-letter word we don’t say in our house, especially in the summertime when school is out and the world is calling to us. 

Bekah, a Special Needs Ministry Facilitator, answered a few of our questions about adopting a baby (Millie) with Down syndrome.

Once in awhile, living near a beach sounds good. But you want to know what I love about living here, where we do? Seasons.

Whether pulling a rabbit from an empty hat, making a pencil disappear or transforming a red handkerchief into a green one, magic has been a part of the world since the ancient Greeks. In fact, the first recorded book containing magic tricks appeared in 1584. Yep, that’s a long time ago! Luck…

Damiyah Smith, dubbed the “The Powerhouse Princess” is the current owner of 12 world records — nine in powerlifting and three in Olympic-style weightlifting.

These posters are the beautiful results of the 2017 Fair Housing Poster Contest created by fifth-graders who attend the Joplin Boys and Girls Club. The basis behind the contest is, ‘what does a home mean to you?’

Winter might not be a time you think it’s best to get outdoors, but it has its advantages. It allows you to be a detective better than any other season.

At the ripe old age of 12, Skyler Bowman of Carthage is a seasoned professional at cheerleading.

The Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield is home to more than 500 animals. Zoos are great because there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see your favorite animal, whether it’s a big cat, a big bird or a big bear.

There are a lot of fun things to do in and around the Joplin area that can keep you from getting bored on the weekends and during your summer break from school. Check out the fun list below!

Like sprinklers and popsicles, some things are best enjoyed outside. This summer fun art project uses shaving cream and paint to create a unique, colorful pattern on paper. It takes just the right amount of messy creativity.

When I was a kid, I loved spending weekends and summers with my grandmother in Duquesne. One of our favorite games to play was “Button, button, where’s the button?” She hid a button in the house, and with no tips from her other than “warmer” or “colder,” I had to find it.

When you mix up your own healthy ingredients, you and your parents can feel good that you’re not filling your strong body with a bunch of extra sugar or fake colors and flavors. Plus, there won’t be as much waste from plastic wrappers and boxes, so the environment will be happier, too.

Decorating eggs at Easter started a very long time ago. Eggs symbolize a new beginning. For those of the Christian faith, it was a tradition to decorate or stain the eggs in red in memory of the blood of Christ.

Ask a group of people what “outdoor fun” means, and answers will vary: Mountain biking. Hiking. Gardening. Camping. Hunting. Fishing. Birdwatching. Mushroom hunting.

“I need two volunteers to stick their tongues out,” said Sheila Andrews, leader of the Lincoln 4-H food science project. Hands shot up without hesitation.

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