The Missouri State Board of Education has approved revised personal finance standards for public schools.

This was the first review of the standards since 2006. Missouri is one of only 17 states that require personal finance coursework in high school, according to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Financial literacy is a vital component in the education of Missouri students,” Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven said. “We are committed to ensuring all high school graduates are prepared for life, and personal finance courses can help them reach that goal.”

The standards specify levels of attainment for high school students in the areas of financial decision making, earning income, buying goods and services, saving, using credit, protecting and insuring, and financial investing. A half-credit of personal finance is required for Missouri students to graduate.

The revised standards were recommended by a work group that consisted of classroom teachers, school administrators, representatives from financial institutions and small businesses, the Federal Reserve Bank, and parents.

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