Police are looking for a woman suspected of having left her disabled mother padlocked in a vacant guest room of a Joplin motel.

Capt. Will Davis said a manager of the Sunrise Inn at 3600 S. Range Line Road was walking a hallway of the motel Tuesday night when he noticed a guest room with a padlock on the door.

Davis said the manager knew the room was supposed to be vacant, that no one had checked into the room for the night. He broke the lock off and entered the room to find a 61-year-old woman in bed there.

The woman, who woke up as he entered, was a double amputee who told the manager that she and her daughter had been hotel hopping in recent days since the daughter removed her from a nursing home in Miami, Oklahoma.

Davis said the woman had no idea that she was padlocked in the room. She said the daughter had been in the room with her that morning when she fell asleep. She did not know where she may have gone.

The woman, who had been left without food or water and no means to fend for herself, was transported to Mercy Hospital Joplin and put on a 96-hour hold established by law for those found gravely disabled, Davis said.

In the meantime, police have been looking for the daughter but had yet to find her as of Wednesday afternoon, he said.

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