COLUMBUS, Kan. — Rodney Edmondson, Cherokee County election officer, said the official canvassing of Tuesday’s general election results will be interesting this year since there were a number of write-in candidates. Voter turnout Tuesday was 14.75 percent.

“Canvassing is going to take a little time on Monday (Nov. 18),” Edmondson said Wednesday, referring to a number of positions for which there were only write-in candidates, and to one tie.

Voters in both Cherokee and Crawford counties approved a change to an amendment to the Kansas Constitution eliminating a requirement for the state to adjust federal census figures when the Legislature redistricts itself every 10 years. The final vote in the Cherokee County was 979-824; the vote in Crawford County was 2,993-1,637.

The adjustment counts college students and military personnel not where they're living but in a "permanent" home elsewhere. For thousands of people, that's outside Kansas.

Kansas is among only a few states that adjust federal census figures for redistricting, and before the practice started in the 1990s, the state did its own census for decades.

Secretary of State Scott Schwab called the adjustment archaic and said it would have cost the state $835,000 ahead of redistricting in 2022.


The unofficial election results in Cherokee County with 36 of 36 precincts reported are:

Baxter Springs

Mayoral candidate Tim Shallenburger ran uncontested for the seat, getting 304 votes.

Incumbent councilman Rick Chriestenson ran unopposed for the Ward 1 City Council seat, receiving 57 votes. James Younger ran uncontested for Ward 2, getting 30 votes. Randall D. DeBeeld won the Ward 3 seat with 89 votes, defeating William B. Nott, who had 66 votes. Incumbent councilwoman Sherry Brown ran unopposed for her Ward 4 seat, receiving 55 votes.

Five candidates ran for four at-large school board positions on the Baxter Spring Board of Education. Jami Thiessen received 279 votes, DeAnne Binns received 248 votes, Brandon Williams got 247 votes and Joshua C. Sweaney got 207 votes. The fifth challenger, Kurtis Woods, received 196 votes.


Incumbent mayor Grant Spieth ran uncontested, receiving 354 votes, and Douglas Craig Mogle ran unchallenged for the city treasurer position, getting 387 votes.

Incumbent Jerri Burton lost the Ward 1 City Council seat to challenger Stephanie Farstvedt in a 43-27 vote, and incumbent Jan Houser of Ward 2 ran uncontested and received 91 votes. Owen Tom Pryor ran unopposed for Ward 3, getting 77 votes.

For the Ward 4 seat, Nate Long received 55 votes, defeating incumbent Steve Dunlap, who received 27 votes. The Ward 5 City Council seat, which remains vacant after Alvin Patterson’s death, received 25 total write-in votes, with no winner announced as of Wednesday.

Jeff Cassidy was elected to Position 1 on the Columbus Board of Education, defeating Sean Gilmore, 569-120 votes; Holly Murdock received 645 votes for Position 2, which was uncontested; and Todd House was elected with 654 votes for Position 7, an uncontested at-large position. For the Position 3 seat, 131 votes were cast by write-in ballots, but results were not available Wednesday.


Joe West Sr. ran unopposed for the Galena City Council Ward 2 seat, getting 52 votes. Incumbent councilwoman Emily Jordan ran unopposed for her Ward 4 seat, getting 42 votes. Two at-large seats were won by Linda Watkins, with 213 votes, and Paul Nolan, with 166 votes. They were the only two who ran. 

All candidates who ran for the four at-large Galena Board of Education seats were elected. They are Lawrence D. Miller with 256 votes, Denise M. Titus with 243 votes, Stephen Hall with 235 votes, and William L. VanCleave with 199 votes. Glenda B. Reeves won another at-large board seat with 273 votes, defeating challenger Kellen Ryan, who had 111 votes.


Kristin Greer was elected to Position 2 on the Riverton Board of Education, with 285 votes; Tim Wilson was elected to Position 3 with 278 votes; both were unchallenged. Michael Hatfield was elected to Position 7, an at-large position, with 176 votes, defeating Greg Walker, who had 155 votes.


While seven write-in votes were cast for mayor of Roseland, and 35 write-ins for five at-large positions on the City Council, the results were not ready Wednesday. 


Incumbent mayor Jerry Grant retained his seat with 70 votes, defeating Chad Ruddick, who received 23 votes. Debra A. Norris ran unopposed for the city treasurer position, getting 87 votes.

Two candidates for the Ward 1 City Council seat were selected, James E. Hodgson with 14 votes, and Darin Cassidy with 13 votes. Two Ward 2 seats were taken by Lori A. Carpino with 32 votes, and Douglas J. Ball with 25 votes. They defeated challenger Charity D. Spencer, who had 11 votes. David Benedict ran uncontested for Ward 3 with 29 votes.


Joseph Tavernaro Jr. was elected mayor with 76 votes, defeating Terry Davis, who received 41 votes.

There was a tie for one of the three at-large positions on the City Council, with Chandler Gravett receiving 67 votes, Erick Becker, with 65 votes, and Marian Miller and Linda Solomon each receiving 59 votes. Some of those were provisional ballots and the outcome could change when commissioners determine whether they can be counted.

West Mineral

More than 100 write-in votes were cast for three at-large positions on the West Mineral City Council. Results were not available on Wednesday.


In Crawford County, Kansas, voter turnout was 20.96%, according to county officials, with 57 of 57 precincts reporting.


The winners for three seats on the Pittsburg City Commission were Chuck Munsell, with 1,492 votes; Cheryl Brooks, with 1,352 votes;  and Larry Fields, with 1,260 votes. They defeated Dan McNally, who had 1,169 votes; Sarah Chenoweth, with 784 votes; and Chad McCubbin, with 225 votes.

Winners for four at-large seats on the Pittsburg Board of Educationn were Rusty Akins, with 1,685 votes; Jason Grotheer, with 1,591 votes; Laura Sullivan, with 1,559 votes; and Marlene Willis, with 1,445 votes. They defeated Justin Crain, who had 1,385 votes.

Ed McKechnie received 2,106 votes to fill an unexpired at-large terms; he was unchallenged. 

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Kimberly Barker is a news reporter for The Globe who covers Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, as well as Carl Junction and Webb City.

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