With natural gas supplies impacted across the Midwest, Spire is implementing an emergency curtailment plan in its service areas across Southwest Missouri, officials said this morning. Spire is asking customers to reduce usage immediately.

To prevent system outages due to frigid weather conditions, Spire is asking customers to turn thermostats as low as they can comfortably tolerate and to minimize the use of any other natural gas appliances over the next 48 hours.

“We don’t want to alarm people, but we don’t want to surprise them,” said Scott Carter, Spire Missouri president. “Our operations teams are closely monitoring the situation and we are working around the clock to keep customers safe.”

Spire also is asking commercial and industrial customers to reduce their gas usage at facilities to minimum levels necessary to protect buildings and inventory. This request does not apply to hospitals, nursing homes, essential food processors and other human-needs applications.

To help conserve energy during this time, Spire recommends customers:

  • Turn thermostats down a few degrees.
  • Limit use of natural gas fireplaces.
  • Open curtains on south-facing windows to let sunlight warm your home during the day. Close curtains at night to reduce potential incoming cold from any drafty windows.
  • Install weather sealing tape, insulating drapes or shades on drafty windows to prevent cold air from seeping in.
  • Seal around around the home where air could come in. These leaky areas often can be found around pipes that connect to the outside, unfinished spaces behind cupboards, recessed lights in insulated ceilings and closets.

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