PINEVILLE, Mo. — A 20-year-old woman told a jury Monday how seven years of abuse by Bryon Hansen culminated in an impregnating rape at the age of 13 and a subsequent miscarriage when he punched her.

The woman was the sole witness called to testify the first day of the 39-year-old rural Joplin man’s trial on child molestation, statutory sodomy and rape charges dating back to offenses committed between 2012 and 2015.

Assistant Prosecutor J.D. Hatcher asked her as she took the witness stand to tell the jury why she was there before them. She responded: “To finally get my story out about what (Hansen) did to me.”

She proceeded to tell how Hansen began physically abusing her when she was 7 years old and progressed to sexual abuse in later years, leading to the rape in January 2015 in Neosho.

She said her family had rented movies to watch that night, and her mother went to bed after watching one of them. She had bought an energy drink to help her stay awake and watch a second movie, and Hansen went to the kitchen to get her the drink.

She believes he drugged the drink because she began slipping in and out of consciousness as she was seated on a couch with him. While she could not recall all that happened, she said she could remember him raping her.

Afterward there was pain and blood, but, just as she had held her silence about his physical abuse of her, she never told anyone about the rape until a few years later because she feared him.

“Oh, he would have killed me,” she said.

Hansen had threatened her repeatedly in the past, she said, once even putting a knife to her throat and telling her he would kill her and members of her family if she ever told anyone about his abuse of her.

A couple of months later, just before her 14th birthday, he punched her in the stomach, as he often did, and it caused a miscarriage of a fetus she did not even know she was carrying.

Under cross-examination by Hansen’s attorney, the woman said she could not recall with any certainty the first time Hansen physically abused her. He would punch her, slap her or choke her “at least once a week if not more,” she said. One of the earlier instances was when she was in the fifth grade and he dislocated her shoulder, she said.

He began sexually abusing her when she was 11, she said.

The trial continues Tuesday morning.

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