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The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, released findings in March that showed a rise of 149% in reported anti-Asian American hate crimes from 2019 to 2020. PolitiFact wrote: “The report doesn’t mention former President Donald Trump. How…

Though the heat is brutal as our wet, cool spring turns hot and all that rain morphs into the excessive humidity driving the heat index into the stratosphere, there are still many reasons to be grateful.

Houston Methodist Hospital set a deadline this week for its 26,000 employees: get vaccinated against the coronavirus or lose your job. Almost everyone complied, except for a small group of dissenters, who are now suing the hospital.

Bill Bratton has been the police commissioner of three major cities: Boston, Los Angeles and New York. When asked recently about the value of cops, Bratton, 73, said: “They are the glue that literally holds society together. They are an essential element of a successful democracy.”

Robert Miller, Billings, Montana. Harold Zuckerman, East Hampton, New York. Barbara Baird, Rayland, Ohio. Matthew Lefluer, Albert, Vermont. Bruce Gasber, Summerfield, Florida. Carol Hart, Napa, California. Leslie Darga, Edgewater, Maryland. John Gacnik, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Ronald Rus…

Gerrymander: To divide (a voting area) so as to give one political party a majority in as many districts as possible or weaken the voting strength of an ethnic or racial group, urban population, etc.

New presidents have only so long to get big legislative initiatives done. It’s already June, and the clock is ticking for President Joe Biden. Big bills take a long time. Congress will spend much of the summer on recess. They’ll be at work in the fall, but by the end of the year, Democratic …

A letter writer (Globe, June 5) wants to abolish the filibuster, the reason being that things might be accomplished. That would be fine, but the reason for the filibuster is to get people to compromise and work things out so all people will feel included.

As a longtime professor, I find it quite strange that an academic approach that has been discussed for at least as long as I’ve been teaching is only now making its way into the political debate.

WASHINGTON — Rutgers University’s chancellor and provost, who are weathervanes in human form, lack the courage of their convictions, which they also lack. First, on May 26, they announced themselves “saddened” and “greatly concerned” about recent antisemitic violence. Soon, however, they cro…


Gov. Mike Parson is fielding numerous calls to reconvene the recently adjourned Legislature in an extraordinary — often wrongly called a special — session. Again.

As Texas Republicans tried to ram a bill through the state Legislature that would severely restrict the rights of nonwhite voters, Democratic lawmakers came up with a creative and courageous plan. They simply walked out, denying the Republicans a quorum and preventing them from passing their…


This past year has been a wild ride for not just me but everyone. We went through a global pandemic and experienced a lot of heartbreak, hopelessness and uncertainty. In the mix of it all, I was one of the thousands of seniors who lost the opportunity to play their last collegiate season.

There’s a scene in the movie “Patton” where Karl Malden, playing Omar Bradley, informs Gen. George Patton (George C. Scott) that Third Army supplies are being diverted to British forces in the north to destroy German V-2 rocket sites targeting London.


Missouri has been under corporate rule for too long. I use the word “rule” instead of “represented by” because the Legislature has used its control to benefit corporate interests over the private property rights of Missouri residents, ignoring the Missouri state motto, “Let the welfare of th…

Year after year, we see politicians in Congress make promises about what they can do for constituents like me. And year after year, the progress is usually less than we hoped for.

It worked for Richard Nixon, who won the presidency in 1968, redrawing the electoral map. The once-solidly Democratic South, which supported both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson for president, deserted Hubert Humphrey.

After impeaching President Donald Trump for the so-called insurrection of Jan. 6, House Democrats want to, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it, “establish a bipartisan agreement for a 9/11-style commission to report on the facts and the causes of the attack.” Before the Senate vote to establish t…


We applaud Joplin residents who demonstrated concern and clear thinking in a crisis, acting together quickly to care for and comfort a man whose arm was severed by a train recently.

Given the magnitude of his 2020 defeat, there’s little chance that former President Donald Trump could come anywhere near an electoral majority in 2024.

Texas is the latest state to have a big fight over reforming its election laws. Remember that in Georgia, some Democrats — like President Joe Biden — said a Republican-passed law that made several commonsense changes to election practices was “Jim Crow on steroids.” You won’t be surprised th…


Through the long Memorial Day weekend, anyone who read the newspapers or watched television could not miss or be unmoved by it: Story after story after story of the fallen, of those who had given the “last full measure of devotion” to their country.

When I used to do politics in Boston, there was a saying about loyalty. Loyalty isn’t about sticking by your friends when they’re right. That’s easy; mostly, it involves joining the parade. No, loyalty is about sticking by your friends when they need help, when the easy thing to do is turn y…

Not long ago I heard a young man ask why people still kept up Memorial Day, and it set me thinking of the answer. Not the answer that you and I should give to each other — not the expression of those feelings that, so long as you and I live, will make this day sacred to memories of love and …

In voting for Josh Hawley for U.S. senator, I did not anticipate that I would be voting for a person who would essentially provide fodder for people who would attack the U.S. Capitol, and then pretend that nothing significant happened on Jan. 6 as a mob attempted to essentially overturn demo…

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