You might think my only focus as a real estate professional for more than 30 years is to sell homes to people moving to and throughout the area. Well, that is not exactly what my team does. You see, we serve people. We serve them as they explore the economic well-being of a potential new community. We serve them as they measure the suitability of a neighborhood for their family. We serve them as they analyze school opportunities for their children. And we serve them as they discover the arts and culture of the residents who thrive here.

I have often heard the health and vitality of a community is reflected in its downtown. I would also contend that the health and vitality of a community is reflected in the happiness and creativity of its residents. This is evident everywhere I look in Joplin. The art in public places and the joy each mural brings; the beauty of our parks and the people I see using them; and the sports complexes that bring competitors to our town are just some examples.

The Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex will be a source of tremendous pride and an important landmark for all things artistic.

Imagine your child or grandchild having their dance or choral ensemble or piano recital in a state-of-the-art performance hall. Picture your company taking corporate visitors to tour a national exhibition on temporary loan. Envision gathering with family and friends at an outdoor holiday concert arranged by Connect2Culture. See yourself taking art lessons at Spiva Center for the Arts, or hosting a luncheon in one of the private hospitality spaces.

I like to think that we all contribute in our own unique way to build a better community.

By supporting the Cornell Complex — monetarily, spreading the word or volunteering in some small way — you too can help serve our community by helping build a better tomorrow for all Joplin residents.

Please do your part to make this vision a reality by supporting the Cornell Complex today. To do so, visit

Doris Carlin is with The Carlin Team of Keller Williams Realty.