I have had it up to my eyeballs with celebrities — primarily those Hollywood elites in the acting profession — expressing their political opinions. This applies to actors on both sides of the aisle, although liberal actors, who rant, rave and scream the loudest and the most are by far the worst offenders.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

The answer is a resounding “No!”

Will the madness curtail or end anytime soon? Sadly, it won’t. The unhinged will continue to be on a mission to defeat President Donald Trump at the polls in November.

And if the incumbent wins? You can expect more of the same for years to come. I can only imagine the stunts and childish temper tantrums the liberal celebrities will have because they didn’t get their way.

One actor who continues to run his mouth is Robert DeNiro. The spoiled brat said on “The View” that he would like to punch the president in the mouth.

To give credit where credit is due, DeNiro is a gifted and talented individual who has the ability to play a variety of roles. For years, I used to be one of his biggest fans.

No more.

Anytime I see him in a movie on television, I get nauseated and change the channel. And I certainly won’t make it a point anytime soon to watch him at movie theaters.

At the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild awards recently, DeNiro was honored. Instead of graciously accepting his award the way it used to be done several years ago — that was back when watching the programs were tolerable at best — he couldn’t resist the temptation of giving another political speech blasting Trump. No, he didn’t mention the president by name, but the target of his remarks was apparent. It’s no secret that he deplores the president. Awards programs have gotten completely out of hand. The primary focus of the event has turned into a liberal political circus platform. That’s not fair to viewers and advertisers. But celebs don’t care.

What celebrities don’t understand is that I could care less what they think.

What makes them believe that they are better than me or any other human being on this planet?

What makes them think that we sit on the edge of our seats and hang on their every word?

Seriously, where in the world did they come up with such an obnoxious and arrogant mindset?

Even before Trump was elected to the highest office of the land, celebrities were on the warpath to take him down at every turn. That also goes for the Democratic Party as well. Saying that they hate him is an understatement.

Why do they hate Trump? The answer is in front of your nose: The president is his own man; he’s isn’t a puppet. They can’t control him. He has a mind of his own. Trump doesn’t owe anyone anything.

On the other hand, a few celebrities have expressed opposite viewpoints, putting their acting careers in jeopardy.

Then there are those celebrities who have remained mum. To protect their careers, they have wisely made the choice to keep their mouths shut. I admire this group the most.

I’m done going to movie theaters to watch the very celebrities that insult my conservative views. Do they have the right to express their opinions? Absolutely. As much as anyone. But one way or the other, there will be consequences for what spews from their big mouths, and it will hit them in the wallet where fewer and fewer people are frequenting the theaters.

Yes, by alienating conservatives, celebrities will pay at the box office. And they will deserve what they get.

The reality is this: Celebrities are celebrities, nothing more or nothing less. They get paid to do what they do, which is act. Most of them do that very well. They should. It’s their profession. So please, just act.

Keith Costley lives in Baxter Springs, Kan.

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