As our state government begins work in a tumultuous new year, I am shocked that they are spending so much time and energy trying to divert funds away from our public schools toward charter, private and virtual schools. These schools are not held to the same standards or transparency as our public schools, so why should they receive our hard-earned tax dollars?

As someone who attended private school as a child, I think it is unconscionable to take funding away from public schools to benefit parents who knowingly moved their children to a more expensive form of education.

Missouri already spends a fraction per student compared with other states, and our teachers have worked harder with less each year. Teachers have risked their health to make sure our students could attend in-person school during a pandemic, but now there are bills to divert public school funds in order to give private virtual schools public dollars.

Why? Clearly, the respect teachers received at the beginning of this pandemic was short-lived.

Marly Ramsour


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