CEOs aren’t serious about new approach

The editorial in the Globe (Aug. 29) asking “Are CEOs Serious?” is a serious question.

Corporations have lobbied for tax breaks for themselves and received what they asked for. They are enjoying deregulation on safety, labor, emissions, etc., and have pushed for arbitration with employees and vendors to limit lawsuits from their wrongdoing. The Trump administration has given them what they want — more riches. They realize that there is likely to be a new administration in power because of the excesses made possible by the current right-wing lawmakers.

Fearing government may swing left and limit their excesses, the CEOs have this new plan to fool us into buying their newfound love for employees and community. Wouldn’t it be great if their claim of who shares in the profits was true? The truth is that the federal government has a deficit of $1.109 trillion because of tax cuts for big business and the rich. These CEOs know that this has to change and will likely change in the 2020 election.

People are starting to realize that the gift of the big tax break to businesses may be paid for by taking money from Medicare, Social Security and other earned benefits and social services, and they should not be fooled by the latest statement by these CEOs.

I for one do not believe the CEOs are serious.

Robert Etherton


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