President should follow U.S. Constitution

An article on the Globe opinion page (Aug. 4) talks mostly about health care and presidential candidates.

Many, many years ago, when I was in school, we were taught the three branches of government: Congress passes laws; the president enforces laws; the courts interpret laws.

I am not sure that I have seen one presidential election where the candidates talked about what they would do in their office as an executive action.

Each candidate talks about and promises to do legislative work, and the subjects range from health care to milk for babies. It is true that the president is required by the Constitution to send a budget to Congress, which is not required to pass the budget it receives from the president.

As a matter of fact, it seems to me it has been a long time since a budget was passed — continuing resolutions being used to keep government afloat.

Americans want something done for them. Workers want higher wages, the ill want cheaper drugs, Wall Street wants more profit from the companies, and on and on. It’s all very natural and very expected. No one is asking the candidates what they will do as executives rather than as legislators, and the media follows along as if the next president should be a legislator.

I want a candidate who will tell us what she would do to oversee what Congress has mandated and presidents have signed into law. I want to know the candidate’s position on the military because he will swear to defend the country from all enemies. I want to know what the candidate will do about the undeserving receiving money, housing, food, etc. from government. I want to know what the candidate will do about those who will or have already entered our country illegally considering she will swear to uphold the laws and enforce the laws of the country.

I want to know what he will have his secretary of education do about schools that are receiving federal money and failing to educate the young. I want to know what she will do to protect America from terrorists, and I want that protection to identify them before they kill the innocent and turn the streets into war zones.

I want the next president to be an executive and to leave legislating to Congress. I want a leader, not one who promises everything to all people and is incapable of delivering any of the promises but one who will understand the basics of America and encourage the people to be responsible for their actions or lack of actions and to earn a living for their families rather than to rely on a government check each month.

David Turner



Lack of respect a national problem

Watching news reports on television and reading the newspaper, there seems to be a constant, recurring theme about lack of respect.

I respect the police for the job they do in keeping our communities safe and in risking their lives to protect people.

The stories about the police shooting a suspect appear, in my opinion, to be a lack of respect for authority. Most of the stories involve the police asking a person to comply and the person decides not to or starts running away. If they did not have something to hide, why would they start running away? If they would comply, the shootings would not have taken place. I know the police have to be rough sometimes, but this also is normally because a person fights back for some unknown reason.

I grew up in an age, not too long ago, when children were taught to respect their elders and people in authority. It seems that children these days have not been taught respect and therefore just do what they think is right.

I also think the president deserves respect, even if you do not like his way of doing things. President Donald Trump has done many good things while in office but is constantly being barraged about everything he does. I did not agree with our last president on many issues, but he still deserved respect for the office he held. I did not see the constant complaining about everything he did while in office.

I have noticed that most young people do not say “please” and “thank you.” The reply is “no problem.” Is that a proper response to someone helping? I don’t think so.

I commend parents who teach their children manners and respect for authority. Respect begins at home.

Ken Comer



Vote out NRA puppets to bring about change

Thoughts and prayers and teddy bears!

A few days of false assurances, angry rhetoric and condemnation followed by ... NOTHING! And nothing will change as long as we have an administration that feels that making a bumpstock illegal satisfies gun control.

Under no circumstances or reality should a civilian ever own a weapon that was designed specifically for war. No one wants your legal hunting guns or handguns, but can we please use common sense when it comes to weapons that can create a mass shooting in a matter of seconds.

Because our voting privilege is our only means of effecting change, let’s use it to unseat this NRA puppet and elect somebody who values people over profit and would truly work to wipe out the reputation this country has as the mass shooting capital of the world.

The power is in your vote. Please use it.

Judy L. Tesch