Seniors outline priorities forMissouri lawmakers

On Oct. 22, Silver Haired Legislature delegations met for their annual model legislation meeting at the Missouri Capitol. While there, they debated and voted on their top five priorities to present to state legislators.

The first of the priorities concerned the need for increased home-delivered meals and congregate meals for seniors. As the population of older Missourians increases, the need for such meals also increases. Delivered meals not only provide a nutritional supplement for older individuals — and sometimes their only meal — but the meal delivery is sometimes the only situation where someone checks up on the status of the individual.

The second priority involved the reinstatement of funding for the Missouri RX program that has helped lower-income adults buy needed medications. Funding will affect more than 60,000 Missourians.

A prescription drug monitoring program was deemed third in importance. Currently, 49 states, the District of Columbia and one U.S. territory (Guam) have legislation authorizing the creation and operation of a PDMP. It will reduce overdoses, doctor shopping and drug stockpiling by individuals.

The fourth item of importance concerned setting aside some of the tax funds from internet shopping for senior programs.

The fifth priority was devoted to the need for Medicaid expansion, which is deemed necessary for low-income families within the state, regardless of age. Not expanding Medicaid may put as many as 40% of the state’s rural hospitals in financial jeopardy to the point of closure.

Ralph Williams


Trump won’t get fairinquiry in Congress

I can only wish that I could have faith in our political leaders of both parties and the major media. Unfortunately, I cannot.

I admit my support for Donald Trump. This is despite his mouth, ego and occasional insane actions, such as his abandoning the Kurds. He is our president, and most of his decisions have been right. As both president and as an American, he is worthy of the legal right to due process.

Whether his actions rise to the level of an impeachable offense, he deserves a fair hearing. Personally, though, I don’t understand how pressure on a foreign government to expose corruption by an American, regardless of whether he is politically connected, rises to reason to do so. Nevertheless, it needs a proper investigation.

However, the media circus and farce of closed hearings does nothing to assure me that due process even exists for those of us on the wrong side of the new values system.

Trump would probably receive better justice if Daffy Duck, Minnie Mouse and Elmer Fudd were conducting the inquiry, and the former Soviet Union news service, Pravda, were reporting on the findings.

It is all too evident that both our republic and our system now teeter on collapse. This is not because of our overgrown child in the White House, or us Christians, or opponents of gay rights, or gun rights advocates, or any of the rest of us who reject the new order.

Our true enemy is this new morality of humanism that has taken over our institutions, media, academia and the Democratic Party.

When man makes himself god, he has a tyrant for his master.

Our impeachment fiasco is but one small symptom of a far greater disease. My question is: “Is anyone listening?”

Dave Spiering


Joplin focus should beon online taxes

Older residents will be paying most of the taxes for Proposition B. Internet sales have no local taxes added. This is where the younger generation shops.

Recently, a weak attempt was made to pass a tax on these sales. It was not clearly understood by the voters. Let’s pass a tax on these sales before we tax the elderly.

Ronald Jones


Politicians acted as vigilante mob

What I saw and what history will remember about Republicans storming a Congressional meeting is a vigilante mob — politicians acting as vigilantes.

Mike Lively


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