Support Proposition A

On Aug. 7, voters will have the chance to support worker freedom and a stronger economy for all Missourians by voting “yes” on Proposition A.

Prop A prohibits workers from being forced to join a union and to have fees automatically withdrawn from their paychecks. When workers have a choice to join, it makes union executives more accountable to workers who choose union membership. Unions need to justify the membership they sell to workers by actually representing them — not by forcing them to join.

Passing Prop A would lead to higher wages for Missouri workers. According to data from the U.S. Commerce Department and Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, wages in states that have enacted freedom to work are $2,250 higher than the average for forced-unionism states. An analysis by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy found that freedom-to-work states have 4.1 percent higher per capita incomes than forced union states.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has proved that freedom-to-work states have seen more job growth and more state GDP growth. Missouri is nearly surrounded by freedom-to-work states, and while those bordering states are benefiting, Missouri is missing out. We keep asking ourselves why we aren’t getting those same opportunities and wondering when we are going to see more jobs come to the Show-Me State. The answer is plainly in front of us — Missouri’s economy is being hijacked by special interest labor groups. And they want to keep it that way.

The future of our economic security is at stake. I’ve talked to hundreds of Missouri business owners and workers who live and work near or along the border of freedom-to-work states. They tell me their communities are losing jobs as they watch factories and businesses move to states that actually protect worker freedom. Missouri deserves better.

I urge Missouri voters to vote “yes” on Prop A and finally bring freedom-to-work protections to Missouri.

Dan Mehan

Jefferson City

Nothing ‘right’ about Proposition A

The Joplin community values its freedoms. Freedom to negotiate fair wages, freedom to make enough money to support our families, freedom to have benefits such as health care and pensions. Freedom to be more than a number to a corporation.

Proposition A, also known as the “right-to-work” law, would limit those freedoms by weakening unions, forcing lower wages and limiting access to employee benefits.

Billionaire CEOs from out of state convinced our legislature to pass Proposition A in 2017, and on Aug. 7, the people of Missouri have the opportunity to say no to Proposition A.

States that have passed right-to-work laws such as Proposition A have seen household incomes drop an average of $8,740. In addition to taking home less money, workers in states with right-to-work laws are less likely to have health insurance through their employer, and access to health care coverage is lower overall. Studies also show that right-to-work states are likely to spend roughly one-third less per student on primary and secondary education.

Proposition A would increase the income gap between CEOs and their employees, perpetuate poverty and make it ever more difficult for Missouri workers to support their families, pay off debt, and build their savings and security.

Tell powerful corporations and lawmakers that the power to ensure fair wages and benefits should lie with the people, not the government and its corporate buddies. Protect your pay – vote no on Proposition A on Aug. 7.

Kjersti McDonald


Roe v. Wade needs protection

I’ve been listening to all of the talk about whether Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

To President Donald Trump’s administration, it doesn’t matter because everyone in charge has enough money to pay for a private abortion without consequences. God only knows how many of them already have paid for their mistakes in cash.

Overturning the law would just make it so there are more illegal abortions that are not always the safest. Some people need to get down off of the pedestal and mind their own business. Most people don’t know why women get abortions so have no cause to preach morals. I think if we don’t stop this administration now, we are going to end up with a government like a Third World country.

Ray James