Columnist wrong about Trump and Biden

Gene Lyons (Globe, Sept. 27) has revealed himself to be as blatant a liar as Adam Schiff regarding his phony characterization of our president.

Newt Gingrich just revealed the Council on Foreign Relations meeting video in which Joe Biden bragged about his threat to Ukraine unless it dropped the investigation of son Hunter.

That’s the real corruption.

Ron Jones



Christianity being removed from society

I could not help but notice "On the Offense" (Globe, Sept. 22) and a not-so-veiled attempt claiming an unbiased objection to censorship.

The quote by Jeana Gockley, "People are allowed to believe different things," underscored this premise, and hit a nerve.

The leading vanguard of the anti-censorship movement has been the American Civil Liberties Union. Yet, this same ACLU recently adopted an official policy supporting the suppression of what it calls "hate speech." Both it and its humanist cronies have systematically censored Christianity and the Bible from our schools, laws and even our historical records.

If censorship is so evil, what has given these self-appointed "thought police" the right to do so and to set our nation's value system and agenda.

It is offensive to me that those of my persuasion are systematically being silenced for our beliefs. I was a first-generation Civil Rights activist, although to a limited degree, back in the 1960s. Since my views are biblically based, and have changed little over the years, I am now labeled as bigoted and intolerant by the humanist establishment. Every day I feel more and more like an unwanted alien and refugee in the land of my birth.

Dave Spiering



Challenge scientists on climate change

So here we are, as Herb Van Fleet (Globe, Sept. 22) says, talking about climate change and what we should do to stop it.

First, we must question the truthfulness of the scientists who were caught lying about climate change. Second, we must know the value of carbon dioxide to our planet, plants and humans.

Despite the fact that 64% say climate change is a serious problem, not one can prove it is caused by man. Despite the fact that 65% are worried about global warming, not one can prove it is caused by man.

Science is important, but liars are not. If you think some scientists would produce numbers and stats in order to get funding for their pet projects, you would be correct. Not all scientists are bad, but those claiming climate change is caused by man and who lack the proof and/or evidence of their statements are certainly suspect.

I am not saying our climate is not changing. I am saying most of those who write about the change and blame it on man have offered no evidence to prove their statements.

Could it be that CO2 is necessary for plant life and human life? Could it be that climate change is a natural event that occurs in different periods of history? Could it be that the waters that are said to be rising are also natural and the amount of their rising is minimal and natural?

As for the Cree Proverb he quoted, America has more trees than it had in George Washington's time. America has more animals than it had in Washington's time, and the hunters are plentiful during hunting season. Water that Americans drink or use for cooking is not polluted today and neither is the air we breathe.

David Turner


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