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The editorials on this page (usually labeled with "Our view" in the headline) represent the view of The Joplin Globe’s editorial board. Members of the board are Dale Brendel, publisher,; Andy Ostmeyer, editor,; Emily Younker, managing editor,; and Jerry Willis, page designer,

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We applaud the Ozark Trails Council of Boy Scouts of America, which last week overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to sell the Frank Childress Scout Reservation south of Joplin.

It is time to hold electronic cigarette marketers accountable for how they do business and the damage their business does. A recent settlement may be the beginning of putting nicotine merchants on the hook for getting kids hooked.

The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is continuing its promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion ideals and actions to improve this city, and businesses, organizations and individuals should consider supporting this initiative.


This board has been a strong proponent of wearing masks to help reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, and since effective vaccines were introduced late last year, we have advocated firmly for vaccination for all who are eligible.

Missouri needs to better fund efforts to increase the vaccination rate, to improve health care for all of its citizens, and to boost education and to help Missouri small businesses during the pandemic recovery in our state.

Our weekend editorial is always our moment to look back at the many good things that transpired of late, but bear with us as we look back further, to events 245 years ago now.


Transparency just won big in Missouri, where the concept of open government has been too long on the ropes. This week the Missouri Supreme Court ruled state officials and state agencies must stop charging for the time that attorneys spend reviewing public record requests.


Congratulations to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, which just announced the next phase in its reopening after nearly two years and a $29 million renovation — the first major overhaul of the museum in two decades.

Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia that fateful summer of 1776 were not superhuman by any means. Every single one had his flaws, his failings, his weaknesses. Some of them ardently disliked others of them. Every one of them did things in his life he regretted. Bu…

One of the worst crimes any government can commit is to imprison an innocent person. The unjust denial of liberty formed a pillar of the conservative tea party movement during the previous decade and inspired conservatives in the Texas Legislature to get solidly behind bills designed to free…

A trial about Medicaid expansion in Missouri that was originally set to begin on Friday has been postponed until Monday, but any reasonable and just outcome should be the same: Medicaid coverage should begin on July 1 for all who are eligible.


We couldn’t disagree more strongly with Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s argument that his office cannot get involved in an open records complaint against the governor because the governor is a client.

Though the heat is brutal as our wet, cool spring turns hot and all that rain morphs into the excessive humidity driving the heat index into the stratosphere, there are still many reasons to be grateful.

Gerrymander: To divide (a voting area) so as to give one political party a majority in as many districts as possible or weaken the voting strength of an ethnic or racial group, urban population, etc.

A letter writer (Globe, June 5) wants to abolish the filibuster, the reason being that things might be accomplished. That would be fine, but the reason for the filibuster is to get people to compromise and work things out so all people will feel included.


Gov. Mike Parson is fielding numerous calls to reconvene the recently adjourned Legislature in an extraordinary — often wrongly called a special — session. Again.


We applaud Joplin residents who demonstrated concern and clear thinking in a crisis, acting together quickly to care for and comfort a man whose arm was severed by a train recently.

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