I have been a resident of Carl Junction since 1991. I live on the golf course and have been a member of the Briarbrook Country Club for more than 30 years.

I, like most people, even though interested in what is going on with the golf course, do not take the time to express my feelings either vocally or in writing. However, after reading in the Globe the articles written by “guest columnists” and the several letters to the editor, I thought it time to bring out a few facts that belie what has been written and help straighten out some facts that have been skewed substantially.

The items I would like to discuss are:

1. The city of Carl Junction “bailing out” Briarbrook Golf and Country Club.

2. The city of Carl Junction violating our “free enterprise system.”

3. Men of Briarbrook.

Item No.1: If the city of Carl Junction were to “bail out” the Briarbrook Country Club, then the country club would remain in existence. That is not going to happen. The City of Carl Junction is trying to buy a golf course with attached property so that it will have a city-owned “public golf course” with space available for playgrounds, which I have heard the city needs, and walking trails.

Item No. 2: The City of Carl Junction is not buying the golf-course property to turn it into a money-making facility. A municipal public golf course would be much like the services provided by the City Public Works Department. Their services are there for the benefit of all the citizens and not to make money. There is a large group of golfers that lives very close to the golf course that will provide a good base of revenue for a city-owned course, which is something that none of the other public courses in the area have. This should go a long way toward keeping this course on a self-sustaining level without being subsidized by the city of Carl Junction for yearly maintenance and operational costs.

Item No. 3: I have read where the “Men of Briarbrook” have been held at least partially responsible for the closing down of the “new nine.” I have belonged to that organization for 30 years and I know for a fact that the Men of Briarbrook had absolutely no control over that situation. The owner of the course, at the time the new nine was closed, had to make a choice between losing the greens of the entire 27 holes or shutting down the new nine and keeping the greens alive on the original course. This choice was the result of the water supply pump failing with no money available to fix it. The Men of Briarbrook were informed of that decision, but that was it.

The subsequent owner stated that if the membership of the club would get to 250 members, he would look at reopening that new nine. I don’t believe that number was ever reached partially because there were a number of families who live on the new nine who have never belonged to the club.

In conclusion, I believe the purchase of the golf course property would be of benefit to all the citizens of Carl Junction. I believe that everyone agrees the golf course, along with our schools, have in large part been responsible for the growth in population and in the increase in the total property- tax assessment values that Carl Junction has experienced over the past years. The creation of a public golf course will be a positive factor in continuing that growth in Carl Junction.

Should the golf course close, the assessed valuation of the properties in the Briarbrook area will drop, which will put a bigger tax load on the rest of Carl Junction. This should offset to some extent the increase in taxes created by the purchase of the golf course and should be taken into consideration by each citizen of the city.

Bill Allen lives in Carl Junction.

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