You and I depend on the media to ferret out the facts and report to us. How good are they in doing this? My score card gives them a two for effort out of 10 possible and maybe a three for a final score, as they’ve got to get it right once in a while.

As I’ve watched and read and heard media reports for many years, it is pretty obvious that the media is only as good as the bias that the reporting staff exhibit or search for the facts — not much.

Just as the college crowd has been painted as liberal in their views, the media, too, have been brushed with this label. Is this fair?

Many years ago I met a young man just out of college; his newspaper editor had dubbed him as the financial editor. I asked him how he could write business information without a financial background. He was 22 years of age, and he had no reason to not be honest in his response. He said he wrote in response to what he saw written by others. Then, he asked if he could phone me and talk about the headlines that he needed to write about. I agreed as long as he didn’t quote me.

For a year and a half we had this relationship; he’d phone, I’d share information, then one day he popped into my office to say goodbye. Of course, jokingly I said “You can’t leave now, I’m just getting you educated to the real world of finance.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

He then told me he was going to Wyoming to be a ski instructor, a dream he had had for some time.

I learned a lot more from that young man than he learned from me. He told me he had come out of college with extremely liberal views.

“How can we not write what we feel to be the right direction for our country?” he had asked.

A year and a half later he had joined the “real” world of business and finance.

I have a “beef” with the media. It’s more than what I see, hear and read here in the United State. It’s what I see, hear and read as I travel the world. Our own media on many occasions tell the world we are bad, bad, bad! This is especially true with CNN, which beams around the world. How can we ever have support from well-meaning people around this globe if we continually paint ourselves into a corner as the bad guys.

The United States gives billions of dollars, and millions of man-hours, to worthy causes around the world. We are first on the scene in emergencies around the world. And, yet, our media continue to look for and report on complaints from those we are trying to help.

Whether it is national or local, is it not acceptable to report the good? What’s wrong with saying good things about our leaders? I’ll continue watching and keeping score. There’s a lot of room for improvement, especially on the national and international level.

Bloggers need to get a life and media writers need to study history and facts instead of listening to liberal propagandists.

Konrad Heid lives in Joplin. He is a former bank president.

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