Support for McCoy

It is so rare that the city of Joplin has the opportunity to elevate one of its own to the highest positions in the city that we feel we should not let this chance pass.

Harold McCoy is the most qualified person we have ever had within our organization who is not only completely qualified to be our city manager but has actually done the job a number of times. Harold has always had the best interest of the "entire" city in mind when dealing with residents, contractors or vendors. He has the background of 45 years of experience of dealing with some of the most complicated issues that face the city on a day in, day out basis. He knows what it really takes to make the city function.

He also has a clear vision of where the city should be heading, but quite clearly understands that it is the City Council's responsibility to assert the policy direction of the future.

We, as former mayors who have worked with Harold McCoy for the equivalent of 25 or 30 years, strongly encourage the council to name Harold McCoy as city manager, not just as "interim" city manager.

Jack M. Belden

Don Goetz

Bernie Johnson

Ron Richard

Darieus Adams


Trash collection

An article in the Globe on Jan. 13 further illustrated the ongoing problem with the business practices of American Disposal Services. These are the folks who have virtually doubled their charges over the past three years, who are currently charging more than any other collection service in the area, and who at one time denied to me that they had a senior discount and at another claimed they did, in an effort to keep me from canceling my service with them.

During that last conversation, in response to a remark by me that I was glad the city was taking back control of trash collection, an American representative told me it had already contracted with the city to provide those services. This was in July of last year! If one is to believe this article, American apparently had some reason to make that claim.

The city needs to take a hard look at American's practices before it "formally" awards this contract.

What better illustration do you need than having American trying to collect six months' charges for service that they know will change in three months? They wouldn't answer their phones to explain their behavior, but when a representative was finally reached, the explanation was that they sent the bills because they didn't have a hard contract in hand. On April 1, the rates are going to change - they are going to be LOWER no matter who collects the trash. Why were they trying to collect money in excess of what would be due to them under any set of circumstances?

Hiring a company that conducts itself as American does is just buying trouble.

Dianne Slater



Calling the president George should be an honor. Look at all the famous men in history by the name George. Bill Clinton was called Bubba; that goes with the territory. If you can't take the heat, get out.

Bush proposed letting 8 million illegal aliens stay in the U.S., and work and retire with full Social Security. So it goes. We have college graduates who would love to find a job. If you are hungry enough you would be glad to pick vegetables, etc. We have hungry people all around us. Let's help these we have here before bringing more in to feed.

Marie Brown


Slave wages

Our president, all the Democratic candidates and maybe our Congress want to give legal status and Social Security to 8 million illegals in our country.

The president's proposal would require these illegals to work only four quarters to be eligible for Social Security. Citizens have to work 10 quarters.

What's more, after three years these aliens could go back home, where the living is cheap, and receive a monthly check for the rest of their life, if they choose.

Now these illegal aliens live four and five families in one house. Americans want, and deserve, their own homes. The pretext is that Americans won't pick crops, construct homes, work in chicken factories or milk cows, and such jobs, and therefore our country needs these illegals!

Rubbish! The truth is that these employers want workers at slave wages. Americans want to rise above poverty. But with enough illegals to work in our nation, every laborer stays in poverty. Can our politicians sink any lower than this? Probably.

B.J. Rall


Judicial dictatorship

For the last 30 years the U.S. Supreme Court has erected a judicial dictatorship over a nation of 250 million people, seizing powers never granted to it by the Constitution of the United States of America. Possessed by a deeply anti-Christian bias, the Supreme Court has progressively de-Christianized America.

The worst possible decision made by the Supreme Court was the Jan. 22, 1973, decision of Roe vs. Wade, which allowed the murder of an unborn baby in the mother's womb by abortion. Abortion is a grotesque human sacrifice of an unborn baby offered to Satan from the modern world.

We must pray to God and work diligently for the elimination of America's weapon of "mass destruction."

Rita Crowell


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