We applaud Joplin residents who demonstrated concern and clear thinking in a crisis, acting together quickly to care for and comfort a man whose arm was severed by a train recently.

One of those residents was Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley, who was stopped by the train on the tracks at 10th Street and Murphy Boulevard on his way to a meeting at City Hall. He and other motorists saw Daniel Kroll near the tracks and realized Kroll’s arm had been cut off below the shoulder.

Stanley took off his necktie and used it as a tourniquet around Kroll’s shoulder. Others called 911 and offered aid and comfort. A nurse practitioner stepped in to help until first responders arrived.

Kroll said the injury happened when he was near the tracks, dropped his cellphone and crawled under the idle train to retrieve the phone when the train suddenly started to move.

Stanley is the only one whose name was known when the Globe reported the story Tuesday, but he wasn’t the only hero on the scene as people in Joplin once again pulled together in a crisis. The mayor said no one panicked at the scene. “This was a very slow-moving tragedy. It wasn’t a burning car. It was a straightforward problem. The last time I was in that position and kind of turned the emotion off was 10 years ago after the tornado.”

After Kroll was stabilized in the hospital, he contacted Stanley on Facebook and told the mayor they should get together after he got out.

Stanley said he and the others worked like a team, and they should be involved now. “I would love to connect with him (Kroll) and with everybody who helped him,” Stanley said. “I would love to know the other people.”

If you helped at the scene in some way, thank you. Once again, you have shown that Joplin is home to people who are quick to come to another’s aid in a crisis. Your prompt intervention is worthy of praise, and you likely saved a life. You have done your community proud, as has our mayor.

We know you are not seeking glory, but those who were on scene should reach out to Stanley to let him and Kroll know who you are. You can reach Stanley at 417-627-9479 or at Ryan. Stanley@joplinmo.org.

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