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It's Election Day once again, and while this November election is likely to be quieter than, say, the election scheduled a year from now, there are plenty of local issues on today's ballot that require your attention.

The only Jasper County vote that will take place is in Joplin, where residents will have the final say on Proposition B, a proposal to impose a half-cent sales tax to fully fund the 70-year-old Police and Firemen’s Pension Fund. The proposed tax would be collected for 12 years or until the pension reaches a funded level of 120%.

Neosho voters will have the opportunity to clarify a city ordinance to require their city manager to live within city limits and have a 30-minute response time to City Hall. They'll also consider approval of a 2.5% use tax on products purchased out of state or through online retailers that are not currently subject to local sales tax.

Voters in Stark City also will see a use tax proposal, this one in the amount of 0.5%, on their ballot.

Elsewhere in Newton County, voters in Granby will consider a $3.24 million bond issue for improvements to the city's sewer system.

Registered voters in all of these communities should exercise their right and fulfill their public service.

Certainly, the idea of going to the polls to check off a single box for a tax question or ordinance amendment isn't very exciting. The upcoming presidential election — along with a slew of other statewide and congressional offices to fill — may entice more voters out a year from now.

But the issues on today's ballot will have a direct effect on our community, and their impact will be more keenly felt in everyday life. You should have a say in them — so go vote and make your voice heard.

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