Our View

Saturday is our look back at some of the victories of the previous week.

They are there.

The Kansas City Chiefs won. That’s 10 straight wins in a row.

They say this season will be unlike any other. No doubt. But here’s hoping the Chiefs have a season like the last one.


On a more serious note, Ozark Center ramped up the fight to cut suicides in the region, launching the “Be Someone’s Lifeboat” campaign.

A suicide prevention video was recorded by Ozark Center staff and will be uploaded to the center’s Facebook page. You can tune in and take notes. Training, a question-and-answer session with center staff, and free online depression screenings will be offered.

“Anyone can be a lifeboat for someone having a crisis,” Debbie Fitzgerald, director of crisis services for Ozark Center, told us.

The heart of the training is what is known as “QPR” — question, persuade and refer.

“You learn how to question someone if they are suicidal, how to persuade them to seek help and where to refer them to get (professional) treatment.”

They hope to make QPR as familiar to us as another livesaving practice: CPR.

“We can be a suicide-safe community and come together and partner and support one another. We can be a safer community. … We can do that.”

We can do that.

Extraordinary sacrifice

This past week we also were reminded of the extraordinary sacrifices of ordinary Americans.

Friday was the 19th anniversary of 9/11. And last Saturday, the remains of Hadley Irvin Heavin came home to Baxter Springs, Kansas. He was 23 when he was killed aboard the battleship USS West Virginia during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

His remains were recently identified.

Big numbers

And as we noted this morning on the front page, Joplin is poised to do something it hasn’t done since the tornado: Push past $200 million in new construction for the fiscal year. We hit $195 million in August, which means we have two months to go and at least one big project — the new Jasper County courts building in Joplin — that should beef up the list.

That’s a healthy economic indicator, as is the recent news that unemployment is falling in the region, as is the news that La-Z-Boy is hiring and furniture sales are climbing.

Bill Snow, La-Z-Boy vice president, told us: “It’s too early to tell for certain what’s driving demand — whether it’s pent-up demand given the long period of time retailers were closed, or sector rotation with consumers shifting discretionary spending to their homes in an environment of no travel and limits on other leisure-related activity, or probably a bit of both.”

So plop down in the La-Z-Boy, tune in to the Chiefs, and tell yourself: There’s good happening. ... We just have to look for it.