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It never ceases to amaze us, the dedication and skill of young men and women on display every fall, culminating in bids for state this time of year in volleyball, soccer, football, cross country and more.

Not all of these teams and athletes will make it, of course, but we know how much sweat and sacrifice go into the effort, and — win or lose — let’s take some time to appreciate all that has been attempted, all that has been achieved, and to wish them well.

Also on display this past week was an all-American example of grid-iron generosity.

On Tuesday, about 30 members of the Webb City Cardinals football team set up for a full-contact practice on a field in front of the Foxberry Terrace Senior Living Center. Many of the senior citizens can’t get to the actual games but like to watch them livestreamed on a television. This week, the players stopped by to give them a live show, and before practice, the players took a few minutes to greet the residents.

“They may not be able to get out to our games. so we can come here for them to enjoy it,” said Skyler Denton, a Webb City sophomore tight end.

All in all, a great play!

Speaking of athletes and generosity, on Wednesday, Liberal students were given archery supplies by the Missouri Department of Conservation to replace the thousands of dollars in equipment lost in a fire earlier this year. The donation included bows, arrows, targets and more.

Cora James, a freshman, summed it up for the students.

“This is really cool, and I’m so happy and excited that they donated this to us,” she told the Globe. “I’m really thankful about it and that we’re all together again. I didn’t know if anyone had enough money to donate or if they were going to. It just makes me really happy that someone cares.”

Stacey Reed, archery head coach, said she had students wondering every week if the program would end.

“It’s a huge thing for them to see that we’re able to still do the program,” she said.

All we can say is, “Bull’s-eye!”

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