Indulge me — my outrage is personal. Obama nominee, Tim Geithner, for secretary of treasury, failed to pay his self-employment Social Security taxes for a number of years — now he has paid some of them, but not the penalty.

In 1961, as an ordained minister I was told I could not pay self-employment Social Security tax. In 1971, I was forced by Social Security to pay. I had to pay three years of back taxes, plus interest, plus penalty (for something I was forbidden to do). Wiped out of all my savings. So where’s the new squeaky-clean ethics in the new administration?

Obama’s nominee for labor secretary refused to tell Congress her views on secret ballots for workers in businesses and industries to vote in organized unions. Where’s the squeaky-clean transparency in the new administration?

Obama promised at least 10 times in his campaign he would get tax credits for businesses creating new jobs. Democrats in Congress say, “Don’t believe so!”

As Edward R. Murrow used to say: “And so it goes.”

Paul T. Butler


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