I don’t think any city should pass a law that would ban smoking, let alone fine people for smoking.

Even though I haven’t smoked since 1958, when as a 10-year-old boy, I got a spanking for smoking a grapevine. The problem is it is a fashionable iniquity. It is what everybody does; nobody will think any worse of them for it. I am not talking about smoking here, I am talking about manners or lack of manners.

Instead of fining smokers $200, let’s hang a sign up in restaurants that reads “Caution, smoking around others who do not wish to be smoked around could reflect on your parents’ lack of child-rearing abilities.”

I know the people who blow smoke in our faces as we eat will be offended by this, but as my mother said just after she gave me that spanking, “It is good for us to be made sensible of our own ignorance.”

Dan Walters


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