In the June 23 edition of the Globe was a report on another unnecessary action in the “ongoing saga” between Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn and county officials.

In recent months, in an editorial opinion, the Globe (in my opinion) left the public with the inference that Sheriff Dunn needed to cooperate more with county officials; leaving the impression that the sheriff was the responsible person at fault. He has gone well beyond the “extra mile” to do what is right and proper as chief county law enforcer. It’s time someone stepped up to the plate and assisted rather than resisted.

When he, along with other county department heads, submits a budget to the “overseers” and they “approve” his budget, the “overseers” should then work with, not against, him to ensure that the approved budget reaches its fruition.

Tax increment financing was and has never been mentioned in any of this process. And if the cities wish their part, they simply submit a request to the sheriff’s committee as was laid out at the beginning.

Speaking of the cities, most of, if not all, Jasper County city governments declined Sheriff Dunn when they could have helped and in return, received some of the reward. Instead, not only were they silent, but they each responded with the same objections of why they not only couldn’t, but wouldn’t, support it.

Sheriff Dunn took an oath to provide for and defend Jasper County and asked the voters for help, and they answered his call. It’s time for the “overseers” to stop nitpicking his efforts and the voice of the voters and begin to work with him; as they do work with the rest of the county department heads.

It’s obvious ... we need a new face at the county commission table who will assist instead of being politically obstructive. Sic ’em, sheriff! Stand tall, we’re with you.

Maurice Filson


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