With all due respect to particular members of the Retired R-8 Employees Association, I want to strongly disagree with their argument to transfer the current names of the existing middle schools to the new ones under construction.

These are new times. Three magnificent, up-to-date buildings will soon be nearing completion. They will literally be monuments to the best efforts of countless experts in diverse fields and many, many ordinary school patrons. Don’t you think they deserve more than the “locational” names that have identified them for decades? I think of No. 1, No. 2, No 3; A, B, C; North, East, South! How plain. How old. And how undistinguished. I think they deserve better.

A committee was formed to consider the naming of these future buildings, and they obviously gave their task serious study. Their recommendations were surely not arrived at lightly.

Can we now not accept that to pay tribute to a person through naming a building in his or her honor only magnifies the whole endeavor? Names dignify; they add dimension and give unique distinction. Let’s allow “progress” to prevail in every phase of this educational achievement.

Joy Thompson


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