In defense of Richard La Near’s factual article “Anatomy of a burst bubble” (Globe, Jan. 11), I can’t agree with Bob Steere’s article “Political contamination” (Globe, Jan. 14).

In it Bob says: “Richard La Near’s guest column contained three lines to gently criticize the Republicans, even though his president sits in office.”

I believe what Bob has in mind is where Richard wrote, “I must add that the Republicans are not without blame in this mess as of only 19 of them signed on Hagel’s letter.”

Why, I just took that to be a plus for Richard La Near, not a minus as Bob would have us believe. To me it looks like Richard is only trying to be fair in his summation to assess what really went wrong.

If there’s anything that turns me off, it’s for a super-partisan Republican to think a fellow Republican can do no wrong and a Democrat can do no right.

Conversely, if a super-partisan Democrat thinks a fellow Democrat can do no wrong and a Republican can do no right, it’s disgusting, and at the same time I pity them all for putting their blinders on so that the truth or lies then become a relative thing. Truth and lies are absolute. Period.

The truth is still the truth and lies are still lies, no matter who says them, be it Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, the pope, a Muslim, a Buddhist, Satan, a super Republican, a super Democrat, or Mother Teresa.

If telling the truth to his students is political contamination, as construed by Bob Steere, then, yes, I guess Richard La Near is guilty as charged.

Gilbert Millner


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