Well, we’ve just seen a shining example, with the Moussaoui trial, of why military tribunals are the correct method of trying terrorists, as is denying them constitutional rights, to which they are not qualified.

Every defense attorney worth his salt knows that all it takes is one weak-kneed jurist, planted among those who are determined to serve justice, to turn a sure thing into a misfire. Mix in a little “troubled childhood,” and Hitler wouldn’t receive a death sentence.

This is precisely why all things military should be left to the military, and liberals cannot be trusted to protect the United States. George Bush acquiesced to the ACLU crowd, and allowed Moussaoui to be tried in civilian court, leading us to the resulting unnecessarily protracted proceedings and jury deliberations, not to mention the trial cost, and now his taxpayer-funded $68,000-plus per year stay in a supermaximum prison.

The liberal crowd doesn’t want to stop here. They want lawyers and trials for all terrorists being held by the United States, or simply released, thereby weakening military authority, sending jihad recruiters into prisons, or simply unleashing them to strike again, with the unimaginable cost to taxpayers in time and dollars.

How long will it be before the likes of Mike Farrell, Ed Asner and Susan Sarandon protest Moussaoui’s harsh sentence?

The recent power-shift toward the judicial branch as the final authority is a dangerous trend for the safety and sovereignty of this country. It has been pushed by Democrats and their lawyer friends for decades, to rewrite the Constitution through the back door.

Randy Brown


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