The Metro Area Publictransit System (MAPS) provides much-needed transportation for Joplin's elderly and/or young disadvantaged persons for an unbelievably low fee.

Due to its low numbers of operating vans, it has to turn down some requests for service and is functioning at full capacity, according to transit coordinator Robert Lolley.

MAPS is about to go through its annual budget review before the City Council in August. The city manager is in the process of preparing pertinent data prior to making his recommendations for the next fiscal year.

I am only one of several grateful citizens who utilize this fine service. It is amazing how well they do and how courteous the drivers have always been. I schedule my shopping by calling them a few days in advance. I also schedule my visits to the doctor, and trips to the Joplin Public Library. I used to go to Webb City once a week. Each trip costs me $1 going and another dollar to get back home! I don't see how they can do it even with matching federal funds.

I hope the city of Joplin will be able to expand this service by one or two vans and the needed drivers as the word of mouth is getting around what a great bargain MAPS continues to give those of us who don't have cars and live on a fixed income.

John R. McDonald


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