This is in response to recent letters from two local pastors, Steve Urie and Charles Gackstetter. I have read the Bible several times and find that God is very specific on his code of conduct for how we are supposed to live our lives and his code of ethics.

Could either of you please tell me where he ever used the word maybe? I would also like for either of you to tell me where he said: “This is what I think, but I’m sure by the year 2008 you two will have a better idea than I so you can change anything you would like.” God has no gray area. As to Jesus, he said: “I did not come to change the law.” No one overrides God’s laws.

Yes, Jesus spent his time with the worst of sinners, but he tried to get them to change. He never accepted their way of life. Yes, I know we are all sinners but we are supposed to try to overcome, not go with the flow. So many like to use the verse where Jesus told the mob, “He who is without sin throw the first stone,” and they always stop there but the verse does go on. He didn’t tell the woman to go back to doing tricks. He told her to stop it. I agree with you that we are all different, but when it comes to acceptance, where do you draw the line, or do you have a line?

I mean, if a man comes to you and tells you he has a thing for 5-year-old boys but people look down on him, do you welcome him in and put him to work in the nursery or what? Just how far does your acceptance go before reality sets in?

I could go into a long list of health issues that are never addressed on the subject of homosexuals but why bother you with facts.

Yonn Lea


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