Food prices are up, gasoline prices keep climbing, insurance, health-care costs, all are more expensive, all this at a time when good jobs are scarce and we are heading into a recession/depression. Most families are buying less and tightening their belts. But not McDonald County government! The commissioners continue to tax and spend.

Recently these “three wise men” decided to spend an additional $30,000 per year for a part-time flood plains administrator. Supposedly a major problem of this job will be to write grants. Did I mention a recession/depression?

Most so-called grants come from the federal and state government. Do our county commissioners not know that our federal government is already several trillion dollars in debt (mostly to communist China)? Did I mention a recession/depression? No tax money equals no grant money, so why hire a part-time $30,000 per year grant writer or flood plains administrator?

Our commissioners are very quick to funnel our money into projects such as red lights for Wal-Mart and roads in Arkansas. Two of these gents are up for re-election, the other will be running next cycle. Let’s remember their spending habits when we cast our votes.

John P. Fitts


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