How can the poor people of this state survive with such a little amount of food stamps to live on? It is ridiculous.

Both my husband and myself suffer from diabetes and are both supposed to eat three complete meals a day. It never happens. How can we do that when we barely get $100 a month in stamps?

The problem is this old government of ours. George Bush’s government. It is not set up for the poor people. The rich people under the last administration got all the breaks while we suffered. We suffer daily when we have to choose between food and medicine. Most of us know what that is all about! All the money we get in disability and Social Security goes to bills and we are left with nothing!

All the poor people reading this letter need to get in touch with our new government and our new president, and let him know “we need help!” Not yesterday but today. Obama is a president of change. Let’s hope he will change this part of government first and put the poor on the top of the to-do list.

Claudia Owens


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