At the R-8 Retired Employee Association of Joplin meeting of Nov. 20, 2008, we voted unanimously to endorse the names of East, North and South for the three middle schools.

We understand that perhaps new buildings would have new names. But the new middle schools are representations of the former schools, indeed they are the same schools. Why should the names be changed? The current middle schools are easily identified when speaking with former students, parents, faculty, and others in the community who have come in contact with our schools. There is tremendous pride in associating with the middle schools. Why confuse everyone with the new names? (East will live again!)

We are glad there are those who would like to honor former city and civic leaders. However, we feel that could be done through other means.

As retired employees with innumerable years of past experience in Joplin R-8 Schools, and especially with several of our members having formerly worked at East, North and South middle schools, we strongly encourage you to continue the names that have always been identified with those schools.

Since Larry Sanborn, president of R-8 Retired Employee Association of Joplin, is on the committee for the naming of the schools, the other three officers have written this letter. Larry Sanborn is not a party to this letter, since he is on the committee.

We urge you to please continue with the names East Middle School, North Middle School and South Middle School.

Thank you!

Dennis Sutton, vice president

Sammye Beck, secretary

Claudia Waggoner, treasurer


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