Amendment 2 needs support on Aug. 4

As Missouri and the world contend with COVID-19 and health disparities, access to affordable and high-quality health care is now more important than ever. When it comes to improving access to care for Missourians, we all need to step up and vote yes. On Aug. 4, Missouri voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots on Amendment 2, broadening access to Medicaid for more than 230,000 children and adults throughout the state.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and its partners in health are asking all Missourians to support improving access to care through Medicaid expansion.

Why vote "Yes" on Medicaid expansion?

• Having access to health insurance is critical in the fight against cancer.

• Medicaid expansion will provide low-income Missourians access to cancer prevention, early detection and treatment services, including Pap tests, mammograms, colonoscopies and tobacco cessation services.

• Low-income cancer patients will have better access to timely, appropriate and affordable care that will help them win their fight against cancer.

• Missourians facing a cancer diagnosis will have access to life-changing and lifesaving treatment and survivorship care.

• Countless hardworking low-income cancer survivors will have access to the surveillance, monitoring and follow-up care they need to remain cancer-free.

This year alone, 37,580 Missourians will hear the words: “You have cancer,” and 13,010 will lose their battle with cancer. Access to screenings that can prevent some cancers and detect cancers at early stages are proven to lead to better health outcomes.

Missouri voters can take action on Aug. 4 to make sure more members of their family, more friends and neighbors have access to lifesaving cancer screenings and treatment.

Michelle Zimmerman

Senior regional media advocacy manager, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc.

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