Don't leave police open to lawsuits

We have to be extremely careful when altering our current law enforcement techniques. Positive changes would likely be welcomed by officers and the general public. An officer's input is at least as important as that of a potential law breaker. We certainly do not want our officers left open to various or indeterminate types of lawsuits or retaliation as encouraged by some nationwide anti-police individuals, organizations or any anti-cop slanted medium.

We are losing locally and as a nation when it comes to recruiting new officers. It should worry us all that hiring standards could actually be lowered in order to attract new officers. Veteran cops are resigning or taking early retirement in substantial numbers across the country. They generally question their leadership and feel unappreciated by the people they serve.

We should be encouraging young people to serve and protect their communities as they become eligible. Recently, our televised media has chosen to focus on extremely rare so-called "bad apples." In no way do those individuals and their aberrant behavior reflect organizations as a whole.

Our police, ironically, handle bad apples consistently every day. Our mainstream media is generally not inclined to portray the daily heroics of police officers. They really get it done every single shift.

No level of anarchy is acceptable in a free society. Current trends among protective services are distressing at best. I hope we don't have to hit the skids before awakening.

Doug Duncan


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